Golden Fortune Derivatives Exchange

In the heart of Cambodia, we serve.

Our Vision

  • Become a trusted, most influential Southeast Asian derivatives exchange.
  • Through long-term international deep cultivation, layout of global financial markets, the establishment of Asia-Pacific and European regional operating centers.
  • For Cambodia's financial markets, establish a perfect investment heaven, so that customers can obtain a trading environment based onthe principles of honesty, security, stability and transparent.

Chairman's Message

The company’s management team has more than 10 years of experience in the securities market and management, and the main members have management experience in the initial development of the Chinese securities market and have a solid business foundation and good personal connections in the domestic securities industry.

In order to make the company's customers adapt to the Cambodian securities market as soon as possible, the company is equipped with senior professional market analysts to provide investors with an interactive communication platform for market research and judgment, investment strategies and investment technology, and risk estimation, and is committed to creating the most trustworthy institutional investors Excellent team. Relying on strong research and consulting capabilities, the company provides customers with personalized, professional, and personal services, provides customers with various market information and business consulting at any time, and holds seminars and report meetings from time to time to help customers solve their doubts.

GFS adopts STP bank direct transaction mode, which is a natural trading environment to meet the investment needs of customers. Provide transaction data fast, secure and transparent.

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