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GFDE is a comprehensive securities company that was formally approved by the Securities and Exchange Supervision and Administration Commission of the Kingdom of Cambodia. it obtained the financial license of the derivatives broker (DB) distributed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC), under Golden Fortune Derivatives Exchange co.,Ltd. It is a comprehensive securities company that is jointly invested by Cambodia and Chinese investors with a capital of 10 million U.S. dollars and the Cambodian party has a controlling stake.

The business scope includes Foreign exchange trading, trading of precious metals, crude oil and index,securities brokerage, securities investment consulting and securities trading, financial consulting related to securities investment activities, securities self-operation, securities distribution, securities asset management and other businesses approved by the Cambodian Securities Regulatory Commission.

The company is based on providing a high-quality investment and trading platform for Chinese investors doing business in Cambodia and investors inside and outside China, thereby promoting the development of the Kingdom of Cambodia securities market.

The company’s business development and innovation has received strong support from securities peers in China and provided a powerful business support and development platform. Through in-depth and close cooperation with large-scale and well-known securities companies in China, the company has ensured its presence in the Cambodian market. Unique market research, investment analysis and enterprise capital market-related project planning and financial consulting advantages in high-end service areas.


The company’s management team has more than 3 years of experience in the securities market and management, and the main members have management experience in the initial development of the Chinese securities market, and have a solid business foundation and good personal connections in the domestic securities industry .

In order to make the company's customers adapt to the Cambodian securities market as soon as possible, the company is equipped with senior professional market analysts to provide investors with an interactive communication platform for market research and judgment, investment strategies and investment technology, and risk estimation, and is committed to creating the most trustworthy institutional investors Excellent team. Relying on strong research and consulting capabilities, the company provides customers with personalized, professional, and personal services, provides customers with various market information and business consulting at any time, and holds seminars and report meetings from time to time to help customers solve their doubts.

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